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Your senator. Your neighbor.


Patti serves as the President Pro Tempore of the Delaware State Senate, the highest-ranking member of the Senate and the highest-ranking woman in state government. It’s a role that requires bi-partisanship, building broad coalitions and a deeply held commitment to service over self.

That commitment to service blossomed out of Patti’s passion for being a mother. Committed to making the world a better place for her children and grandchildren, Patti became active in the PTA at Baltz Elementary School where she advocated for student-focused education policies. At the same time, she was elected to the Elsmere Town Council, where quality-of-life issues were her focus.

After a year as Elsmere’s mayor, Patti was elected to the State Senate in 1990. From the outset of her tenure of public service in the General Assembly, Patti resolved to fight for Delaware’s families like she had her own. That’s meant promoting policies to create good-paying middle class jobs, passing laws that protect Delaware’s most vulnerable residents and improving our state for the next generation.


Her legislative successes include:

  • Creating the Delaware Health Fund, which established the policies and mechanisms to allocate the tobacco settlement funds and ensuring that those funds would be spent entirely on health related needs.
  • Founding Family Visitation Centers by forging partnerships with multiple state agencies to provide services to families needing court ordered visitation supervision and a neutral place for visitation exchanges for parents who cannot get along.
  • Leading efforts to improve children’s health by enacting legislation mandating lead paint testing, flouridation of water, dental services for poor children, expansion of health care coverage for uninsured children, and protection of children from abuse.
  • Reforming Delaware’s domestic violence laws, enacting civil orders of protection, prohibiting insurance discrimination against victims, making domestic violence a factor in custody decisions and forming the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.
  • Rewriting and modernizing Delaware’s rape laws, strengthening the laws against child rape, serial rape and date and acquaintance rape, while increasing protections for victims.
  • Modernizing Delaware’s animal control services by establishing the Office of Animal Welfare.

Patti’s legislative record can be matched only by her deep commitment to serving her neighbors in the 7th District. An Elsmere resident for more than 30 years, Patti knows first-hand the challenges facing the district and has always stepped up to advocate for constituents in need. That commitment is best reflected in her decade-long effort to end flooding of the Little Mill Creek, which was known to flood out residents and business owners alike during significant rain events. That abatement project, which was completed last fall, required coordination at all levels of government, as well as the significant sacrifice of local businesses. Patti was on the front lines of that coordination, ensuring deadlines were met, funding was procured and work was done on time.

Patti is proud of her record, but she’s running for re-election because there’s more to be done when it comes to continuing Delaware’s economic recovery, improving our schools and enhancing public safety in our state’s largest city, in the 7th District and beyond.